i see beauty LA LA LAND

// RIP//

I loved him
He loved me
Together. Exclusively.

I still miss him.
Like we were chillin at the skypad yesterday

I want a love that’s real
I want a love that’s true
I can’t find that kind of love
Playing games with you

// Why?!? //

Why is it so hard to let go? Even when it’s something you know you don’t want anymore. Why??? I think it’s my endless need to see the good in people & hope that maybe one day they will change. But the reality honestly is that you’re no good for me & I’m no good for you! We rushed into something that wasn’t real or true. Instead of helping me move forward - this relationship has just made me blue :(

// Don’t rush!//

Especially into love. You’ll end up passing it & frustrated while waiting for it to catch up with you. Be. Patient.

Red espadrilles & a basket bike. My day is starting off great! Happy Wednesdei lovers :* xoxo

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. beauty .
...it's here
it's there ...
it's everywhere!
. just look & see .
♥ ♥ ♥